Am I Using My Skincare Sheet Mask Correctly?

…or no?

Did you know many skincare products evaporate after you apply them? Yes, it’s true. Even the expensive ones. Enter… drum roll please…a sheet mask. They’re not just for a selfie photo-op anymore, they mean serious business.

Here’s why sheet masks are different. Sheet masks create a barrier that lock in moisture, keeping the infused vitamins and minerals secured in your skin. Like most things in life, it takes time for good ingredients to mingle with your face. Ever tried speed dating? Skincare without a sheet mask is a little like that. Your skin prefers a drawn out courting process, thank you very much. Used properly, and your face will be noticeably brighter, healthier, and more plump. This is good news folks! The best part? They’re so affordable.

(Especially The Crème Shop’s face sheet masks).


6 Steps to Properly Prep Your Face For A Sheet Mask

Step 1: Cleanse and Tone

Step1 face mask tutorial

Skincare products aren’t effective when applied to dirty skin. Cleansing removes stubborn dirt, oil, and free radicals that collect on your face throughout the day. A cleaner surface allows essential ingredients to be absorbed efficiently. Finishing up with a toner restores your skin’s pH balance, which is super important for moisture control. Our Aloe Vera, Collagen, and Green Tea foam cleansers work wonders. 

Once or twice a week, deep cleanse with a preferred exfoliator. Exfoliating help unclog pores and remove layers of dead skin cells. Yes, get that baby face ready to absorb all the nutrients in your sheet mask!

Step 2: Pick Your Poison

Every mask is infused with different ingredients, and different ingredients mean different benefits for the skin. Choose a mask based on your immediate skincare concern: balancing, brightening, tightening, and rejuvenating – you decide, we don’t know your life.

If you’re into creating the perfect sheet mask selfie, give our Animated Animal Face Mask  series a go!


Step 3: Tear That Pouch Open

Step 2 Face Mask Tutorial


Brace yourself...the sheet mask will be soaked in a bunch of good stuff (we’re not kidding). Keep a towel handy to wipe up excess drippage. Carefully unfold the sheet mask and apply to your face, making sure to align the holes to your eyes, nose, and mouth. Yes, the mask will  feel completely drenched on your skin. That’s how you know it’s good.


Step 4: Spare No One



Chances are, there will be extra goop in the pouch. Don’t discard! That “goop” is called essence, and it’s an essential part of the Korean skincare routine. It’s lighter than a serum and is designed to deliver a high dosage of essential ingredients deep into the skin. Apply the extra essence to your neck, shoulders, and hands. Let nothing go to waste.

Step 5: Netflix…and Sheet Mask

step 4 face mask tutorial

15-20 minutes of masking will do the trick. Here’s a few Netflix suggestions to occupy your time: Parks and Rec, Scrubs, or Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Or how about a quick touch up on those nails? You do you, boo. 

Step 6: Peel and Discard

Remove the sheet mask after 15-20 minutes, or when dry (not a minute longer!). Leaving the sheet mask on past this time is counterproductive since the dry sheet can draw out new moisture from your skin. Now look in the mirror: notice your skin is brighter and more plump? What did we say about moisture y’all!  Don’t even worry about washing off the extra essence, it’s great for your skin. Be sure to finish up with your routine skincare regime.

Sleep easy knowing your skin will be glowing, radiant, and healthy the next morning.


Happy masking,

The Crème Shop Team


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