The Crème Shop's Back-To-School Essentials

Beauty supplies > school supplies.
 Just kidding!  (Or are we?)
Get off to a great start with our best-selling back-to-school essentials.
Passing period quick fix. Touch up makeup with streak-free blenders that evenly apply foundations, creams, and powders with detailed precision.
Keep skin from flaking or caking throughout the day with this refreshing spritz.  Restores hydration and stops you from falling asleep in class.
Airy, fresh-scented formula lightly infused with shea butter.  Keeps hands ready to be held by your (new) boo.  Also, makes a great present for you teacher’s pets.
First lesson in Beauty 101: Clean your brushes!  Detoxing formula eliminates traces of makeup, oil, dirt, and bacteria hidden in your favorite brushes.
Perfect for afterschool R&R.  Wind down with a mask that delivers the benefits of 2 ingredients with 1 application.  Lavender oil combats acne, while honey locks in moisture for a supple, hydrated complexion.

We’re celebrating #BackToSchool with 20% off our whole site from August 2-13. Use code 2COOL4SKOOL. Shop now before the bell rings!



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