Lilac Pink - Please Hold - Angled Blending Sponge & Holder

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Lilac Pink "Please Hold"

Angled Blending Sponge + Holder: Keeps your sponge clean and in place!

Finally, a blending sponge that doesn't become a lint roller! Blending sponges collect bacteria and dirt while rolling around a tabletop. PLEASE HOLD offers a simple solution to secure your blending sponge in one place and away from contaminants.


Soak sponge in water, squeeze out excess water, and apply liquid cosmetics for a silky, dewy complexion. Rinse sponge in warm water and place in holder until next use. If sponge is expanded, place upside down to fit into holder. Replace or hand wash sponge as needed.

  • Expands when wet
  • Holder keeps sponge clean & in place

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