Galore x The Crème Shop Crème De La Coachella Beauty Oasis

The Galore x The Crème Shop Desert Beauty Oasis was the perfect stop before heading to Coachella! Everyone got to vibe to awesome music from live performances by Tiffany Young, Farrah Moan, Soju, Alex Chapman, Jada Boo, Salma Slims, Margie Plus, and Chester Lockhart. Inside our beauty room was a fully stocked mist bar that consisted of our Watermelon Jelly Mist and Rose Water Toner for guests to grab and spray to cool down from the desert heat. We also had highlighters on deck for those who wanted to add a little extra glow. For a fortune telling moment we had Naha Armády doing tarot card readings and each one of our Energy Essence Masks to choose from.

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