Charcoal & Lemon Fusion Sheet Mask

$ 3.00
  • Charcoal & Lemon Fusion Sheet Mask

Charcoal & Lemon Fusion Sheet Mask

$ 3.00


The Creme Shop's fusion sheet mask is designed to deliver the benefits of two masks with just one application.

Charcoal's super power: Ultra-magnetic. Charcoal sticks to toxins and removes them from skin's deepest, darkest pores. Detoxes beyond belief.

Lemon's super power: Fact-acting healer. Lemons possess antibacterial properties that help combat and blackheads. An added bonus? It's also a brightening agent.

Not only is each mask infused with nutritious ingredients, it is also rich in the ultimate moisturizer: hyarulonic acid.

Hyarulonic acid's super power: Retains moisture. One gram can hold up to six liters of water. When skin lacks moisture, it can become cracked, agend, and dull. Hyarulonic acid keeps skin young and perfectly dewy.

Made in Korea
0.88US oz/25g

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