6 Days of Youthful Skin! Animated Sheet Mask Set of 6 ($24 Value) Clearance The Crème Shop

6 Days of Hydrated Skin! Animated Sheet Masks (Set of 6) - $24 Value Bundle #1

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Want to try our best-selling animal sheet masks? We’ve put together our most-loved K-Beauty sheet mask faves, bundled up in a value set! Infused with skin-loving ingredients to promote a youthful, radiant appearance.


Stay Dewy, Skin! Animated Seal Face Mask - Add a dose of hydration to your skin with our moisturizing Squalane-infused mask. Our Sugarcane-derived Squalane is Vegan and absorbs into skin easily. This mask helps SEAL in moisture and leaves skin soft and smooth.

Slow Down, Skin! Animated Sloth Face Mask Renewing Rose - Make like a sloth and slow down signs of skin aging! This rose infused mask gently soothes and refreshes to renew timeworn skin.

Be Juicy, Skin! Animated Corgi Face Mask - Our Animal Animated Corgi Face Mask helps smoothen out your day when life gets a little rough. This Niacinamide infused sheet mask helps reduce the appearance of bumps, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation. Fun Fact: Corgis were once used to herd cattle!

Lighten Up, Skin! Animated Narwhal Face Mask - Brightening Vitamin C

Brighten Up, Skin! Animated Llama Face Mask - Trying to get your glow on? No probllama! This mask is infused with 24K gold to intensely illuminate skin while keeping it hydrated and supple.

✓ Plump Up, Skin! Animated French Bulldog Mask Rejuvenating Collagen - Bonjour mon doggie! Get your skin puppy plump with our collagen-rich sheet mask! Collagen promotes skin elasticity and is essential for a vibrant complexion. Relax and treat yourself. Say au revoir to fine lines and wrinkles!


This product is: Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free.